"Yeah sounds really cute when your short on breath asking some dude in a motel to stop choking you"



There are two types of people I can’t stand in life: self-proclaimed liberals and self-proclaimed conservatives.

You’re both a bunch of shithead dorks who can’t stand alone in your opinions, so you have to adopt a ‘team’ to instill confidence in yourselves and your thoughts.

"Errrrrrr Obama…

Cheese master

Hey sweetheart where’d you get those eyes, think that I could have a pair?

Your tagged me is adorable, will you go out with me?


yeah sure if you’re Brian Sella or Austen

Paul said I used to be like the girls from the Front Bottoms Songs but now I’m more like the dudes. What does it mean


If you don’t know every single second of this song like the back of your hand then get out of my life